Jan 1, 2012

Nov 2, 2018

Piwigo adds :80 to URL for SSL traffic

(from https://github.com/xbgmsharp/piwigo-openstreetmap/issues/106)

Piwigo adds “:80” to the URL of some SSL/https addresses, similar to this:

Here’s how to fix
In the following file functions_url.inc.php:

First, backup this file. Next, comment out the part of function which does the port finding routine, resulting in following lines in functions_url.inc.php file (around lines 70-81):

$url .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; 
// if ( (!$is_https && $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] != 80)
// ||($is_https && $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] != 443))
// {
// $url_port = ':'.$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'];
// if (strrchr($url, ':') != $url_port)
// {
// $url .= $url_port;
// }
// }

Dec 4, 2017

6012 NW 83rd St

Before & After slider pics…

Drag the slider in the middle to transition between the Before and After versions.

Front of house

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Nov 28, 2017

Lessons from a first-time flip

By Gray Siegel

My wife and I have wanted to get into house flipping for a long time. I mean a really long time, like 5-10 years. But we were timid by a fear of the unknown. House flipping can be risky. There’s no guarantee you’ll make money, even if it looks like everyone on TV does. It looks like a no-brainer, right? We were realistic enough to know that not every deal was going to be a big money maker. But one way we eased our comfort level was to think about flipping a house like this…if a house needs work, and these TV first-time flippers can do it (most of the time), then why couldn’t we? After all, most of the DIY projects done in a flip, we’d already done ourselves. Why sit back and watch other people do this? Why not take a stab and try it ourselves? When a house gets remodeled for a flip, there’s no reason it can’t be us who does the remodeling. Continue reading »


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"The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by one person."
- V. Putnam

"Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
- Joe Theismann

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."
- Unknown